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Tony Byker - 'Germ Games (You're Already Dead) Kill Bill'

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From the album 'The New Normal'

I had to listen to that demon talk about vaccines 1000's of times to make this track and video.

If you think there’s virus floating
Living on door handles waiting
Life’s indoctrination
Messing with your head
You’re already dead
If you think Bill Gates is a
White knight with shiny needle
Developing a nice vaccine
To save us you’re a sheeple
Don't you think Tom Hanks down under
Chilling counting cards gin rummy
Tweeting with his 'rona
Typewriter’s kinda funny ?
If you think that Bobo
And our Charlie have the Covid
Life’s indoctrination is messing with your head
You’re already dead
You’re already dead
Life’s indoctrination
Messing with your head

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HIGHC 3 years ago

KILL BILL GATES - https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=8720416

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