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Tony Byker - 'PrØfü$a PrØpheT$'

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From the album 'UN-HAPPYTALISM - Convid 1984 Slave New World
Available download or CD https://tonybyker.bandcamp.com/album/...

Convid virus is just a cover story to get the masses to accept this gene mutating poison. Millions of serious adverse reactions and deaths already after just a 6 months, only a fraction of which are reported. This is a war on our health and freedom. Mainstream media suppressing all information. Only the vaccinated are getting sick, which is blamed the fairytale variant strains and 'breakthrough cases'. Only the gullible take bogus PCR tests which in turn lead to more fake cases,. A never ending cycle of lockdowns, testing, new variants and more booster jabs. At best it will sterilise the entire human race, and at worst will lead to many Auto Immune Diseases and an early death, and the successful deployment of the depopulation agenda as laid out for all to see in various manifestos and chiselled in granite on the Georgia Guide Stones.

Don’t resist just play along
Plunge that needle in your arm
Your isolation, your prison
Wear 3 diapers on your face
There’s a brand new mutant strain
Take that needle yet again
You think they love you
Abuse you
You keep coming back for more
Cytokine your stupid ass
Digitise your useless cash
Hypnotise you sterilise you
Steal your souls transhumanize you
A Profusion of prophets
Profit from your losses
Love big pharma ?
They charm ya ?
With corruption in their eyes
Modify your RNA
Get your Gene spliced DNA
Get your Pfizer appetizer
Covax poison in your veins
Love and obey your government
Take their holy sacrament
Covaids potion, The notion
That they care about your health

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