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Nakakaiyak!! Hugot + Words Unspoken
Kissey Bodaniz
47 Views · 4 years ago

⁣Spoken Words at Hugot Lines

This is a combination of Words Unspoken Poetry and Hugot Lines..Mapapaiyak kayo

Every Online Gamer Should Know in Arena of Valor
Kissey Bodaniz
38 Views · 4 years ago

⁣Arena of Valor Secrets to Team Winning

A short tips on how to be a better player and on winning with your team in any online games.

Ganito dito sa Davao
Kissey Bodaniz
30 Views · 5 years ago

⁣Ganito kami dito sa Davao.Panoorin ninyo ang buhay Davao.

⁣Kissey JLab Travels: Dito sa Davao Episode 1

Here's to an epic journey that everyone eagerly waited as Kissey and J.Lab traveled to the streets of Davao! In this episode, you'll learn not just about the place but lots of info that everyone must take note. We started from Museo Dabawenyo to the People's Park and we had all the craziness that we unleashed!This video is meant to be fun, crazy and informative which we always have every single video. So, relax, have fun and be informed. Thanks for watching!SUBSCRIBE to our channel to be updated weekly and LIKE our FB Page for updates with our videos. Thanks!Copyright © 2016 by Kissey J.Lab ProductionsAll Rights Reserved

American Got Surprised by Filipino Family
Kissey Bodaniz
12 Views · 5 years ago

Family is forever. This promotes Cultural Values.American Drew got surprised by Filipino Family super nice super fun video. Filipino hospitality at its finest. Pls watch and share thanks

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Discover The Most Beautiful City in Philippines
Kissey Bodaniz
49 Views · 5 years ago

⁣Kissey J.Lab Travels: Tagum Tagumpay! (Tagum Special)

⁣Discover the most beautiful city in the Philippines and also the cleanest city in the Country. Tagum City is the Most Beautiful City in the Philippines.

Well, where we did get ourselves into these days? This was just a hobby for us to give opinions and crack some funny antics in a spontaneous manner. Now, because of our 'hobby', we've reached the city we never expected that we could.. Tagum! :DThis is our first time to travel in this beautiful city that lived in a simple way of life. This was a funny experience for both of us as we had to get used to everything they have and adjust to it very quick! So much for it, we ate the specialties at YuYu Cafe, the sweet Yema Cake, traveled to their new city hall of Tagum and finally, Christ the King Cathedral. :)Hope that you'll like this video and learn a lot from where we went. We had so much fun that we want a repeat of this! Thank you so much for watching and SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Also LIKE our page on Facebook for updates and our segments. Again, thank you! :DCopyright © 2016 by Kissey J.Lab ProductionsAll Rights Reserved

Show LOVE to our Country ‘Philippines’
Kissey Bodaniz
63 Views · 5 years ago

⁣PMA Philippine Military Academy

How to get your OPPA
Kissey Bodaniz
37 Views · 5 years ago

This is the eggyo way of saying Oppa

Pinoy or Foreigner: Sino Pipiliin Mo?
Kissey Bodaniz
10 Views · 5 years ago

⁣Pinoy or Foreigner? Whose a better Lover

I made a little interview on some Filipina women on who they prefer is it Pinoy or Foreign men?

Take a Peak at Indian Community in Davao
Kissey Bodaniz
32 Views · 5 years ago

⁣Kissey J.Lab Specials: Indian Community and Cuisine in Davao City

Davao is becoming more diverse as people from other countries want to stay here either for school, vacation or.. for good! :DFor this reason, we visited places which it has a strong Indian community here in Davao starting off in DMSF area, then we headed to Indian Darbar Cuisine for a feast of Indian cuisine, went to the Indian Temple and capped off our trip in one of the Indian stores in Davao. We had so much fun even though the whole trip was exhausting, we've learned so much from them and good thing they love our city! :DGuys, please subscribe to this channel for more of our videos and LIKE our Facebook Page for our updates.. Thank you so much and have fun watching!Copyright © 2017 by Kissey J.Lab ProductionsAll Rights Reserved

The Most Spectacular Beach Party in Philippines
Kissey Bodaniz
31 Views · 5 years ago

⁣Mati Summerfrolic :The Biggest Summer Party in Philippines

Mati, Davao Oriental, Summerfrolic

Face to Face with Mayor Inday Sara Duterte
Kissey Bodaniz
32 Views · 4 years ago

⁣Mayor Sara Duterte : Face to Face with a Beautiful Mayor

What will you do if you happen to face to face with Mayor Sara Duterte

This is the real Maguindanao
Kissey Bodaniz
48 Views · 5 years ago

⁣Kissey JLab Travels: Inaul Festival of Buluan Maguindanao

The very first Inaul Festival of Buluan Maguindanao.. A place where its ARMMazing and people has a strong hearts and warmth smileOst by:orange free

This will make you visit Cotabato City
Kissey Bodaniz
53 Views · 5 years ago

⁣Kissey J.Lab Travels : Sigay Ka Cotabato City (Shariff Kabunsuan Festival)

⁣This is the new Cotabato City. Where there’s love peace and beauty emerged.

Cotabato City is located in the Region 12 known as SOCCSKSARGEN. For years, the city was painted with too much negativity and it affected their place so much. But, with the promise to bring Peace, Love and Harmony, Cotabato City changed so much that it attracted tourists to visit their city.With this adventure, Kissey went to its tourist attraction that would surely lure local and foreign tourist to visit Cotabato City and its wonders. What are you waiting for? Let's hop in and explore the city! :DCopyright © 2016 by Kissey J.Lab ProductionsAll Rights Reserved

How Pinoys Read French Luxury Brands
Kissey Bodaniz
43 Views · 4 years ago

Here is how pinoys read French Luxury Brands

Panoorin ang Davao 911 Live in Action
Kissey Bodaniz
41 Views · 5 years ago

⁣Davao 911 : The First 911 in the Philippines and in Asia

Do you know Davao 911 is the first in Asia since 911has a high standard Davao was able to pass the standard.This video will prove it.

Up Close with Kol Chito Samontina
Kissey Bodaniz
66 Views · 5 years ago

⁣How to be Chito Samontina

Get to know upclose and personal Chito Samontina. You'll simply admire him not just as a celebrity but a person. A true person with a real cause. For more videos go to Kissey JLab

Naniniwala na may Forever Dumadami (Inspiring Video)
Kissey Bodaniz
7 Views · 5 years ago

⁣Forever ba kamo? Maniwala ka May Forever
Bilang ng mga naniniwala na may Forever dumadami.

Dingdong Dantes Ano ang Gustong kainin sa  Davao
Kissey Bodaniz
28 Views · 4 years ago

⁣Tanong na Ikinibigla ni Dingdong Dantes

Dingdong Dantes met his supporters for Alyas Robinhood in Davao and Answers questions on his favorite food..and some intriguing questions..PS..Pasiensia na for my question to Dingdong ..slip of the mind..lang ..peace tayo!Everything was explained sa captions sa video..

Take a Look at Chad Borja Talented Daughter
Kissey Bodaniz
42 Views · 4 years ago

⁣Gabrielle Gross Chad Borja Talented Daughter Debut Single
Chad Borja's Talented Daughter sing Ikaw Lang and her latest song Secret

Do you Know Potts Disease?
Kissey Bodaniz
31 Views · 4 years ago

⁣Do you know Potts Disease? This didn’t break his heart and made him stronger.

A story of a guy who became much stronger in faith after being sick with POTTS DISEASE.Ost by (free music) Mattia Cupeli

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