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⁣Examining successful leadership and management with Sir Alex Ferguson.

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⁣From the album 'Parasite' available download, streaming or physical CD from Bandcamp
Br€ak Th€s€ Čhãins
See the sadness in their eyes
Double masked and sanitised
Can’t quite figure out the lies
Go back to sleep don’t worry
Poisoned souls demoralised
Void of questions hypnotised
There’s a wall inside their mind
Afraid, just breathe don’t worry
SOS we’re calling
Innocence is crawling
On it’s knees and praying
Humanity’s falling
And yes we’ll find a way to break these chains
A way to live again so won’t you
Please refrain from dragging me down into your clown world

Poor, sad people, lost in lies and deception. They know something is not quite right but their brains cannot figure out the lies, cannot imagine for a moment that the media and the government are totally corrupt. Cannot imagine that so many doctors, politicians, nurses, TV personalities are all unwittingly in on the biggest scam in history. The more hypocritical the situation the more they double down literally with double masks, more poison death jabs, more hand sanitising, more testing and less and less human touch. They are totally lost.
On a path to self destruction and opening the door for the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Great Reset, the biometric digital ID social credit system, begging to be protected and governed harder.

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⁣Ashley Teer Testimonial https://asksotiris.com

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⁣PMA Philippine Military Academy

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⁣Do you know Potts Disease? This didn’t break his heart and made him stronger.

A story of a guy who became much stronger in faith after being sick with POTTS DISEASE.Ost by (free music) Mattia Cupeli

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⁣The Deadly Shots