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Jesuit Jism

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Taken from the album 'Heliocult-Break The Spell

Fuck you **** you all Jesuit mother****ers
And your brainwashed spineless zombie followers
Heliocentric spinning globlin ballers
Manipulating satanic jism swallowers
Tools of the trade cold war master hoaxers
Just liars, decievers, lost knowledge choakers
Big Pharma big brother poison vaccine promoters
Liars in it for the swag for the power for the damage
Nothing more than twisted twats and hallowed haters
Spouting shite regurgitating force fed knowledge
Pedo pope supping on adrenochrome
Hanging from a rope is what we’d all hope
In our dreams but reality
Our ignorance
We’re never gonna make sense while we’re looking up to the leaders
The teachers, politicians and the preachers
Time to take control
Choose our own destiny
If you walk my way
Beside me
The only way to walk is your own way
Listen to your own voice don’t stray

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