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The Chosen Ones

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⁣From the album IXXI

Truth don’t give a damn (What ?)
It’s all a scam (Damn!)
There’s a master plan (Huh ?)
Choking your diaphragm (C’mon man !)
Logos from the mofos
Dazzled by the shit show
Censorship get shut down just for
Opening your cakehole
They really hate the Goyim
‘Cos they’re all Arab Muzzies
Lamestream working for the Chosen Ones
Go check their Mormon undies
9-11 I know it was Mossad (Sad)
Pushing war on terror and
Teaching the Kabbalah
They whitewash the Talmud and the Noahide laws
Moshiach he’s a coming
To the Temple Mount
We are the Chosen Ones
We are the Chosen Few
Sickos running the show
Twisted Zophar tableaux
Infinite transcedence and
Repent the sins of Jo Jo
They really gotta take control
‘Cos they’re the chosen ones
Twisting everything that true
The ADL is screwing you
Mossad (Bad !)
Killing for Chabad
Take my Chevy to the Rebbe
Fill it up with Adamim
Bris Milah no they will not let you go
Moschiach he’s a coming
Drinking Goyim blood
We are the Chosen Ones
We are the Chosen Few

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