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Tony Byker - 'Architects Of Order (We Will F**k You) Ordo Ab Chao'

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Fuck this Scamdemic fake ass COVID-1984 NWO takeover. And **** their mask wearing, social distancing, contact tracing apps, RFID Chips, 5G Microwave & Quantum Dot Tattoo Nano Bot Vaccination plans. And **** their planned riots and Soros funded organisations breaking down society....All this while in the background is the biggest political shift of power and technology to Israel Russia and China and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Tune from the album 'The New Normal'
Available for free listening, purchase download or physical CD
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Here we go, **** it’s really started yes the shit show
I can’t believe how many sheeple are buying it though
Are you offended ? Well I’m offended by that dumb mask wearing, social distancing, government media worshipping
They played their hand, now they’re burning books it’s obvious no ? Apparently not, they don’t see it, cheering, clapping though
Neighbourhood snitching, they’re bleating begging for solution
To this fake ass scamdemic plandemic germ pollution
They tried the global warming but they never got it through
People just too busy making ends meet that is true
Even though the masses gobbled up that shit like candy
Like Greta hot cakes, and Al Gore’s beach front property
That don’t seem bothered ‘bout the weather and the rising tides
Soros he’s busy destroying Europe from the inside
Systemic epidemic they made this fake ass germ
Already talking bout the next pandemic, next wave
Netflix trix predictive programming worked a treat
Doing everything they need serving us up for the elite
Microwave towers nano particle showers
Swimming through our veins
Tracking us like cockroaches sprayed with
Baygon With Roundup GMO poison gene splicing
Seems so enticing, juicy schemes for the so inclined
The Gates of Hell the one eugenic shit show
There is no rival his is truly Satan genocidal
Philanthropic I’d like to twist and ring his scrawny neck
Are you offended ? Well so am I so get the ****
Remember when we used to play ?
In pollen haze and bails of hay ?
Endless summers sunlight dreams ?
Open fires and Autumn leaves ?

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