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Tony Byker - 'Çÿbêr PølÿGõn' (Convid 1984 - Slave New World)

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From the album 'UN-HAPPYTALISM - Convid 1984 Slave New World
Available download or CD https://tonybyker.bandcamp.com/album/...

The World Economic Forum, Klaus Anal Schwab and Cyber Polygon are preparing for major false flag cyber attacks, of which they are the sole ‘perp-traitors’ blaming it on rogue gangs of international cyber criminals demanding crypto ransoms. Already they have begun with their bullshit with power outages and disruption to the food supply chain. All part of their Agenda 21/30 The Great Reset and Totalitarian One World Government takeover.

Çÿbêr PølÿGõn
The cyber polygon consuming data all day long
Harvesting our hopes and fears crunching zeros and the ones
In the beast system crypto corporations run the show
Firewalling cyber terror trying to break the code
They got our souls they got our flesh
They got our lives our DNA
Trading on the stock exchage
Our biometric sensors played
They got the pre-crime AI bots
Analyzing our chromosomes
Looking for the slightest sign
Of a free thought roaming round
Help us find a way to break this cage
Technocratic slavery’s their way
The fallen angels cry out branding their mark of the beast
Without which we can neither buy nor sell or trade or eat
They wanna merge man and machine
Transhumanist wet dream
Transcend the boundaries of life
Eternal skin jobs scene
This dystopian nightmare is real
Crushing everything beneath it’s wheels
If I could choose the life to live
I’d want it as my own
If you don’t mind I would like to live
Not as a mindless drone
As I walk this lonely path my conscience clear I know
But I’m learning how to give surrounded by lost souls
Social mindset is mutating into commie clones
Communitarian zombies breeding trapped in their homes
How did we get to this point it’s embarrassing for sure
But reality bites when they come knocking at the door

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