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Tony Byker - 'Eat Bugs And Save The World'

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The sun has gone away
Shrouded deep in grey
Try to hold onto it’s rays
Eat bugs and save the world
We dream of higher planes
Cancel me ? what doth remain ?
In an endless Markov Chain
Encounters face to face
End game dark state quest
Immortality manifest
Machine desires converge
Eat bugs and save the world
We eat the bugs parasites love
Our new found brave world waiting
Our chitin meals intestines reel
Own nothing and be happy
A root , a torus node
Inverse a null domain
Draws nigh and skews my mind
Cuts happy haversine
I see the value in thine eye
Hear the tensor in thy sigh
Could be content just to die
In bliss oh lips divine
Eat bugs and save the world
From this carbon life form the end is nigh
With a boot pressed on your face you’ll come to realise

The Holy Gospel Of Climate Change & The Covidian Cult Transhumanist Dystopia.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

We are at war. This is a spiritual war, for mind, body and spirit.
It’s simple. This is the biggest crime in human history, unleashed upon the entire population of earth. They want us enslaved, sick and sterilised…or dead. They have convinced the masses to do it willingly. They have convinced us to embrace and accept our own demise. They have been planning this for decades, and have tried and failed many times, however, now technology has reached its current capabilities and everyone has access to their ‘Black Mirror’ smart phones and high speed internet. Finally they have trained, coerced, blackmailed, threatened, bought and paid for ALL the necessary ‘agents’ in ALL the key positions in every walk of society, institutions, governments and organisations, poised and ready to do the bidding of those who pull the strings.

Who wants us dead ?
The Khazarian Kabbalist Luciferian Synagogue of Satan - The Zionist Banking Cartel Mafia Freemasonic Monarch Jesuits & their Eternal Quest For World Domination
Why do they want us dead ?
Because they hate us. We are useless eaters, a blemish, a cancer on this earth and they want us gone, and to suffer, while making money from our pain and demise. There are too many of us to control. They want to cull the majority of the population and reduce it to a manageable size, half a billion, as openly stated… actually ‘carved in stone,’ on the recently demolished Georgia Guidestones. These psychopaths believe they will attain redeption through sin, and so normal morals that most consider good are irrelevant.

The world has changed, and whatever one perceives the world as being prior to Convid Scamdemic is no longer the world that we are experiencing right now. We don’t live in that world anymore, even though we were deceived in that world also, thinking that we were free, but now we are not even being deceived into thinking that we are free…now they’re declaring openly that we are not free. In fact they have got the masses begging for their own incarceration, in the name of security, health and saving the earth.

A new universal religion has been created through this scamdemic, fake pandemic, plague, phony health crisis. And what we can definitely say is that the ‘normie’ participates and accepts it, in fact, relishes in it …in fact welcomes it….chooses it voluntarily, of their own volition. The ‘normie’ needs this new religion, and worships it….worships this new paradigm, this new false reality. This fake reality exists only on television and media. It’s presented on television, but it becomes reality in the minds of the ‘normie’. The ‘normie’ needs to have this. In control of the ‘normie’ is not the ‘normie’ themselves, but an external force, through all the news media, all the medical institutions, all the teachers, all the politicians and government lobbies, all the religious figures, priests, ministers…all the way up to the Pope. They do it through Hollywood, through movies and commercials. All the leaders of every institution, every segment of life. Yes they are all ‘in on it’ whether knowingly or unknowingly or unwittingly for financial and power gain, or a brainwashed belief that they are saving humanity with noble intention.

Now that the new Universal Religion has been established Covidian Cultists have been successfully indoctrinated into accepting fake pandemics, regular poisonous experimental vaccines, testing, and health passes, it’s time now for the new religion…the Gospel Of Climate Change - The Holy CO2. We are energy sinners, doomed to die, unless we seek salvation. Sustainability is salvation in the church of the environment.

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