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Tony Byker - 'Entropy'

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From the album ‘Eat Bugs And Save The World’
Streaming, download or physical CD available at Bandcamp

Big thanks to Laurence Bouchard for the video shots

Feel the wind it’s calling out in vain
And the chaos which it brings
If only my soul could be persuaded
To believe all that I am told
Perhaps my mind could be invaded
And my sunbeams sold
Oh heaven help me if I’ve sinned
Shame on me and what it brings
My heart yearns for the murdered mornings
Tears fall from the broken wings
Madness pure of which it sings
I awake to see it’s not a dream
The spear enters the heart of order
May my ashes scatter in the wind
Lend me your ears, today’s a new day
The gifted hands of life adorning
Me with words I won’t obey
You and me are lunacy
You and me are barely free…
All hail discordia
Madness pure destruction
Shame you gave your life away
You refuse to take the blame
Free, entropy is all we have
Life gasping breaths

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