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Tony Byker - 'Fanged Noumena'

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Streaming, download or physical CD available at Bandcamp
Big thanks to Laurence Bouchard for the video shots

Is it good karma ?
Stopping the harm
A-keeping all the wolves and demons at bay ?
And there’s big pharma
Lying to charm ya
Taking all their pills and throw them away
The only virus sits our mindless
Inability to breakdown the lies
Is it the timeless
Limitless skies ?
Clipping our wings
Always dragging us down to the ground
I keep on calling echoes abound
We’re falling deeper on down
Can we take a stand and rise above the trauma
Sometimes I swear we all just feed upon the drama
If we’re from monkeys we can never reach the stars
Because they all grow so much higher than bananas
Because we’re spinning with Fanged Noumena
Bathing in the Glory of the One True Sun
Set my soul on the horizon
Evolving through this journey
I have become
I will never die
Idle beliefs negative consequence
Designer concept
Designer hero
Sinister the cultures
And a circling the vultures
We’re abandoning our Gods and we take the thrones
For ourselves in our brave new world lab rats
Paranoid, trapped in a cage and that’s that
Once angelic on the path of self righteousness
Coma patient risen
Like a new born phoenix
Bathing in the glory of the one true sun
Set my soul on the horizon
Eternal spirit, we’re gonna reach it
Eternal spirit, we can’t deceive it
Free will awaits each and every one of us
Every one of us
Captive is the audience
That’s swimming in delusion
Germ theory in it’s grave
Disease illusion
Climate change disciples that won’t let go
Paranoid carbon taxed smart city gulags
I keep on calling echoes abound
We’re falling deeper on down

This Convid Scamdemic is the biggest psychological operation in human history. The majority of humanity fell for it hook line and sinker, now dying suddenly, helping with the depopulation agenda for the climate hoax they have also bought into.
The Grand Illusion. There is only one truth. Truth is not subjective. This existence is so complex at times it becomes a real battleground, a mental obstacle course through the multi-faceted layers of emotional, psychological bombardment from media, government and social propaganda, family and ‘friends’. It’s a real challenge to become separate from social conditioning, perceptions, education, brainwashing and finally see the world, this ‘reality’ and the construct of society for what they really are and how they function… and then to be able to let go. Trying to impart knowledge onto closed minded individuals seems futile. They flinch from the truth like a hot flame. Maybe one can sow seeds for later to grow. Each person is on their own voyage of discovery, some not even caring to learn anything new.

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