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Tony Byker - 'I Drank Your Poison'

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Streaming, download or physical CD available at Bandcamp
Big thanks to Laurence Bouchard for the video shots

I can’t let go
I can’t move on
I loved your warm embrace
Engulfed me oh so long
Others didn’t understand
How much you meant to me
They longed to be free
But with you I am complete
They said you weren’t real
But for me you were my everything
Even though I couldn’t breathe
Your gift just kept giving me
A sense of security
Purpose, goal
Meaning to my empty existence.
They warned your poisoned arrow
The signs I ignored blindly
And now my heart is broken
No turning back
My blood is frozen
Even though I know you hurt me
And the truth is right before my eyes
I can’t see cos my mind is blinded
I’m hypnotised and I drank your poison

A love song from a true devoted Covidian Cultist to their beloved magical imaginary disease that became their focus and solace for 3 years. A victim to a lifetime of Hollywood viral contagion brainwashing and media propaganda, and unable to let go of this precious new make-believe friend. Throughout this whole Scamdemic all the truthful information was available, and so many people were shouting warnings from the rooftops about the coming needle, but deep psychological trauma kept them holding onto such a belief, wanting it so badly to be true, to be part of history in the making. Yet, begging for a solution, they gladly took the pharmakeia magic potion, the precious elixir, that was nothing but a useless poison Clotshot in disguise.

This Convid Scamdemic is the biggest psychological operation in human history. The majority of humanity fell for it hook line and sinker.
Convid elevated common folk to hero status by simply avoiding work, staying home and doing nothing, masked warriors fighting together to save humanity, armed with hand sanitiser. Pathetic nobodies could become righteous saviours. Taking away this precious virus from a devoted Covidian Cultist leaves a gaping hole in their already empty lives.

Great book for those wishing to detox from the Clotshot

--Pinch of Borax in 8 ounces of distilled water, twice daily to remove soft metals/neutralise graphene. Limit use to only chelation and for a few days in a row. You can do this at your own rate and continue to use it as it's safe but it does carry other minerals out of your body along with the metals that you need. I'd probably recommend using it in short spurts. Maybe a few days on and a couple weeks off. Other things on this list are also chelaters, so try not to use them at the same time.--Apple pectin (RD) removes radioactive compounds. Can be taken daily. Perfectly safe.--Pure Gum Spirits of terpentine, 1/2 teaspoon in a 1/2 cup of distilled water and drink. 3 days in a row for heavy detox and parasites. Then maybe once every week or two. This is one of the rare use items.--150-250 mg Zinc. Safe daily but Zinc compound dosages vary. This is for zinc gluconate. Example: Zinc picolinate is a lesser dose of 75 mg.--Vitamin D3 preferably from sunlight. Naturally. or 50000 I.U. one dose/week.--NAC supplement 750 mg twice daily Safe daily.--5g of vitamin C daily. Safe to take daily.--DMSO. When needed or as a transdermal delivery mechanism. This one is complicated so you have to look up some of the usage or recipes you can use with it. There are many uses so it's hard to explain a dosage. They vary with need.
--Ozonated water When needed and during Detox.--Chlorine dioxide CDS. When needed. Can be used to eliminate spike proteins.

--Colloidal silver. Two weeks on. Two weeks off--Sodium Bicarbonate. 1 teaspoon a day in 8 ounces of water.--Curcumin or Quercitin. 300 mg/day.--Liquid chlorophyll 1 tbsp once a day or as needed.--Magnesium citrate/gluconate blend, 600 mg/daily or every two.--Chaga mushroom powder 500 mg safe very day.--Milk Thistle extract (silymarin) 300 mg/day. safe.

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