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Tony Byker- 'It Looks So Fake'

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Song from the album 'HELIOCULT- Break The Spell'


It looks so fake it’s gotta be real
It looks so real it’s gotta be fake
I believe everything I learned at school
I pay my taxes and I follow the rules
Get my vaccinations and promote them too
I ****ing love science and gravity’s cool
There’s nothing more to learn about this place we live
It’s a spinning ball and globes are really the biz
Let’s colonise Mars with our human race
Drive our red sports cars through the vacuum of space
I only get my info. from reputable sources
Men in white coats, BBC, Quora, Snopes and Forbes
Nothing worse than those conspiracy theorists
Watching youtube videos thinking they’re now the smartest
We’re just too small to see the curve
I love that bendy water it’s the best in our world
It’s magic that we don’t fly off our ball
But I’m so ****ing worried off your edge you’ll fall
Science is awesome
Space is great
The future’s bright just you wait
You should’ve listened in science class
Why you questioining dumb ass ?
How can I believe the shit that they
Feed us everyday ?
I need a rest or else
I’m gonna slit my wrists and pray

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