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Tony Byker - 'NØ$4Ä2'

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From the album 'UN-HAPPYTALISM - Convid 1984 Slave New World
Available download or CD https://tonybyker.bandcamp.com/album/...

Anyone who believes this Scamdemic Masktard Madness is literally possessed by demons.

I couldn’t give a damn if I wanted too
About your viral phobias it makes me blue
I’ll never understand you let the state screw you
I think that you are possessed by NOS4A2
What has made you so blind to the blatant truth ?
Just cannot accept they would do this to you
Just a littlle trip through history
Reveals all the lies they’re so plain to see
Ooh baby c’mon smell the coffee
Take a deep breath and just unwind slowly
Ooh baby God save from this human farm
Ooh baby won’t you save me from delusion
Ooh Lord c’mon sing this song
Clear the dark clouds face the rising sun
Hidden knowledge now is at our fingertips
Or maybe spend your time looking at fashion tips
Hand over your power to an illusion
Swimming in self induced delusion
The highest form of power is within our souls
Not within these entities that seek control
They only exist in fractured minds
But have no power in space and time

This Covid 19 Scamdemic is nothing more than a purposely manufactured fake crisis, a social engineered public relations marketing operation for our initiation into the ‘Globalist’s’ ‘4th Industrial Revolution’. The instigation of ‘Agenda 21’, ‘Agenda 2030’ and the implementation of the ‘Digital ID Grid Surveillance System’.
This is DAVOS’ ‘New Green Deal’ , the ‘Climate Change Agenda’, now re-packaged as the ‘THE GREAT RESET’ (World Economic Forum - ‘ECO-HITLER Mastermind’ Klaus Schwab) and the new era of Biological Transhumanism, merging man and machine for a ’smarter’ future.
Lockdowns, social distancing, mask wearing, testing, all part of the initiation ritual.
Over many years, through news media, and Hollywood movies, they have systematically brainwashed the entire ‘global’ population to believe they are nothing more than a virus, reproducing at alarming levels and responsible for the destruction of the Earth’s resources and climate change.
Now with Covid, the human race are branded as ’Asymptomatic Super Spreaders’ of a magical disease. The ‘Contagion Myth’ built upon a throne of lies which is the ‘Sacred Germ Theory’ of the fraud Louis Pasteur, that has been pushed by Rockefeller Big Oil Big Pharma since they hijacked natural medicine over 100 years ago.
‘Pandemics’ and ‘Climate Change’ are both unsolvable problems that allow the unwitting public to submit to these totalitarian regime regulations under the guise of saving the ‘planet’ and the human race. Lockdowns are deliberately designed to destroy all small and medium businesses and subject the masses to psychological torture and Pavlovian Conditioning.
The total disintegration of individual rights and freedoms, social restrictions and travel, with the use of health passports, and implantable, injectable vaccine tracking systems, in order to participate in society. Testing is nothing more than money making scam, a tool for DNA data collection, and more fake statistics for more scare tactics.
Population reduction, the dissolving of nation states, the end of property ownership, the end of cash, and implementation of a (UBI) Universal Basic Income, and the formation of 5G grid smart cities, where every single aspect of our lives are monitored and controlled with social credit scores watched over by Artificial Intelligence in the hands of these technocratic corporate entities. Digital Currency is the goal, and eventually, with an implant, we will be energy producing biomachines, our body activity data harvested by the AI to create cryptocurrency (Patent WO2020060606) Another commodity to be traded on the stock exchange.
They have harnessed the full powers of psychological manipulation with Media Marketing, Tavistock Institute, Rand Corporation, their ‘Strategic Intelligence’, to brainwash and manufacture consent among the masses with NGOs and grass roots movements like ‘Sustainable Developement’ “Environmental Action’ ideologies at a local level and the use of social change movements like Occupy, Extinction Rebellion, Antifa and BLM, LGBTQXYZ, all unwitting pawns in the promotion of this new world order where the idea of the Nuclear Hetro Family is replaced with Global Family. With most people sterile, Ecto-genesis will evenyually be the norm, for those with the financial means and correct ecological status to apply.
The riots and uprisings are deliberately organised chaos to destroy the fabric of the current society.
The governments and media whores are lying unashamedly as their corruption knows no bounds, fuelled by the supreme commanders of Big Pharma, Bankers and the Elite Technocracy.

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