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Tony Byker - 'Öb$óL£sÇ£nĆE'

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From the album 'Tr@n$HümÃniâX' available for download, stream or hard copy CD at Bandcamp https://tonybyker.bandcamp.com/album/...
Also streaming on all platforms Spotify, Deezer. AppleMusic etc.

We’re getting smarter
By hanging round longer
Tired for the suffering
Time for the laughing
They won’t let me die
I’ll stay by your side
Let’s be superhuman
Desire knows nothing of law
Get back to the future
The designers of destiny await
Of the humankind
Psychic repression
Scabies of the heart
Tired for neurosis
Time for psychosis
We serve a purpose
We’re getting smarter
We’re growing as new men
Our life has no end
No need for the family
The hive is our only firend
Swarm into the seamless substance of the cybersphere
Hack the very essence of our mitochondria

A new type of being is coming into existence, as the human species fuses with its technological prosthetics — 'anthropo-technology'. In this new being, man and machine are becoming one integrated, operative system linked by information.
Our consciousness has expanded into the cloud and the cloud into our consciousness. We have also learned to read, write and edit the genetic code, giving us the knowledge to purposively amend the very building blocks of life.

The human being — especially in so-called ‘advanced civilizations’ — is the animal that moulds itself into its own pet. Domestication means, from the outset, adaptation to the artificial.
We don’t know today whether the clear sky, or the cloud that covers it, is the information.
We are becoming incapable of distinguishing with certainty between nonsense and no nonsense. The instability of the difference between institutionalised and de-institutionalised knowledge.

‘The Great Reset’ & ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution’ are the beginning of this new world, and Convid-19 the catalyst to catapult such changes into effect, by creating a fake pandemic, a fantasy virus of the Germ Theory Hoax, to enable the implementation of bio-security ID systems under the guise of protecting society from ill health. The Clotshot Gene Altering Poison Needle is literally the spearhead of this whole agenda penetrating our bodies and culling the weak and fragile and filling our veins with nanotech.

A transformation of all human interaction, monitored and analysed for total social control, energy harvesting and collection of biometric data, and habitual information on the internet of things. All used for financial gain, power and control.

Whether it be injected, implanted or worn, the aether of microwave radiation will be in constant lockstep with our movements, tracked and traced. The lower plebs restricted to their tiny boxes in the metropolis while the technocratic elite enjoy the wondrous beauty of nature.
‘Climate change’ is the other companion catalyst in this fake narrative of saving ourselves and the world. Years of indoctrination by such entities as The Tavistock Institute have moulded and brainwashed the entire human race through the control of education, the media and entertainment industries. Through Hollywood movies and fake science they have thoroughly convinced even the strongest of characters that we deserve our punishment for what we have done to the earth and humanity, and must accept our caged fate, and should be content with our pitiful existence in our city boxes and virtual reality enjoyment of the natural world.

It appears that science has been working for many years on the wonderful properties of GRAPHENE, hence why the nano-technology of emerging ‘medicines’ and ‘vaccines’ (gene editing solutions) are using such products as it provides amazing properties such as super conductors, energy battery applications and the monitoring of bio-activity. Our bodies will become the electronic markers tagged and tracked by the blanket of microwave frequencies that will suffocate every city, not only monitoring, but also sending potential signals, altering the resonant frequency of the graphene nanobot flesh-skinned sheep to keep them bleating the correct social mottos for the new Communitarian Coviet Union and sever any and all connections to the spiritual realm.

This Technocratic Totalitarian Super Control Grid, forced injections of poisons and complete stripping of freedoms and of everything that it means to be a natural human is the most daunting attack on our civilisation as we know it.

It’s 2021 and The Beast System is in total Lockstep with it’s oppression of all people in every country on earth right now. This is a war on humanity, and the blind masses have no idea what’s really going on. This truly is the Matrix, and those still plugged in perpetuating the narrative are as much a danger to everything we know as a free and healthy society as the Demons pulling the strings.

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