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Tony Byker - 'Pestilence Party'

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Bullshit Scamdemic NWO takeover.
Let's celebrate being 'Apart Together' and the destruction of society. Let's dance and clap to usher in the One World Government and the New World Order. Let's kiss our freedoms goodbye.

This spreading virus only lives in the minds of weak men
Afraid to question dark agendas and the social plan

The pestilence infecting minds of mere mortals
Forsaken their maker their freedom their saviour
Pray now to this dealer of death gives no mercy
The needle the Monkey cell gene Splicing Junkie

Nano replicating Inside you mutating
Pulse waves they’re colliding the particles changing
A new world so brave it’s the fourth revolution of
Industrial technological pollution

Discover science don’t pretend
This virus lives in minds of men
Uncover history there’s no end
Just like the lies from minds of men

Life is on lockdown, a permanent curfew
Smart cities s dumbed down forgotten the clearview
The fields full of pollen, The joy of a sneeze
A sunrise, a full moon the birds and the bees ,

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