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Tony Byker - 'Synthetic Zero'

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⁣From the album ‘Eat Bugs And Save The World’
Streaming, download or physical CD available at Bandcamp

Can you feel it ?
Crawling ?
Through your veins ?
It’s morphing
Goyim they’re herding them like cattle
If you’re not sterilised they want you dead
Assimilate into the IoBSphere
Harvesting your biometric breath
Synthetic zero
Synthetic hero
To break apart and confine this reality
Created by the mind in separate categories
So foolish and so futile just like trying to
Capture rays of light inside a dark room

They want us transhumanised, sterilised or dead.
The nano-tech self replicating mRNA Cløt$hot is part of the transhuman biotech fusion of the human body and brain with the Internet of Bodies, The injections contain various and unimaginable compounds, some of which cause these white stringy ‘clots’ throughout the veins of the body, amongst hundreds of other diseases and physiological and psychological problems listed on their own trial data. A complete network of 5G/6G control grid is being established in every city, with every single human being a kind of battery upon which all biometric data will be harvested and traded like stocks and shares to various governments and companies wanting to refine and target their products. Remote control pulses can be delivered to the masses to create social control and subdue the masses in to total subservience. Sterilisation is the goal of these injections ‘Janus’ …miscarriages, birth defects and low sperm count in males already is well documented. Already we see so many ambulances, so many young ‘healthy’ people collapsing, yet the ’normie’ doesn’t notice.

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