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Tony Byker-'The Final Solution (Gates Of Hell) Slave New World'

27 Views· 10 Oct 2020
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From the album 'The New Normal'

It’s a all a game
The final solution
Feel the power of thought
We hope you feel the pain
I can set the world on fire
Feel the joy of my desire
Rid the world of useless breeders
See the glory I the saviour
Peel away the curtains
And reveal the splendour my agenda
Depopulation maintain
Handfuls of obedient slaves
I can save the world I am God
New World Order appointed Doctor
A Frankenstein mutaing genes
Causing pain enjoy the slaughterI can set the world on fire
Funding death it’s my desire
Complete the the master plan in motion
Nano bots in deadly potionsIt’s a all a game
The final solution
Feel the power of thought
We hope you feel the pain

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