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Tony Byker - 'You're A Psycho'

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From the album 'Parasite' available download, streaming or physical CD from Bandcamp

YÖu'r€ Â P$ychÖ
We cannot silence
We cannot fall again
We cannot silence
We cannot sail away
You’re a psycho
You’re a psycho
You’re possessed,
Spin those lies round me
You’re a psycho
Where’d your brain go
You’re no longer in control
We can not silence
We can not fade away
Our spirit rides the waves
We shall not sail away

The Great Reset, The Great Narrative, The 4th Industrial Revolution is being forced upon us without our consent. A modern Holodomor, a total genocide and sterilisation experiment. Schwab and his oligarch technocrat cohorts dream of total control.
The Scamdemic convinced people of the necessity for mandatory jabs and ‘health passports’.
The health passports normalise the concept of digital IDs.
The digital IDs are essential for the new monetary system of digital currencies controlled via central banks.
The digital currencies enable the powers that be to monitor and track everything you buy and sell.
The currencies would be programmable and everything you buy and sell would be scrutinised and curtailed if deemed unhealthy for the planet/society. If you do, or say, the wrong thing then your 'privileges' will be removed.
The Big Brother scrutiny would be backed by the scientism of the climate change scam to convince the people that their lives must be directed and controlled to save them from themselves.
The curtailing of our lives for our own good would shepherd people into SMART cities where there is no privacy, while rural locations will become increasingly off bounds under the planet protecting guise of Agenda 21/30.
The digital ID would move from your phone to an implantable microchip device - akin to 'the mark of the beast'. You will have a choice of taking the mark or you will not be able to buy or sell.
Emerging transhumanist technologies - possibly already contained within the mRNA jabs - would alter your DNA. This may enable humans to be 'hacked' to such a degree that eventually they would lose their free will and any spiritual connection to the divine. While many naive folk would be convinced to give up their temporary mortal lives to 'live forever' in a matrix of METAVERSE style VR settings.
Population Reduction is in full swing. The Convid Death Jabs are beginning to kick in, to fulfil their objective. Not just from Myocarditis and other directly related illnessness but now from hundreds of other difficult to pinpoint sicknesses that the blind sheeple will never be able to admit to themselves or others.
They are limiting access to all historical information and books and are rewriting history as we speak.

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