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Tony Byker - 'Smell The Galaxy' - (Heliocult)

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Apparently the galaxy smells of raspberries and rum ! They'll tell us any old shit.
"Smell The Galaxy' from the album 'HELIOCULT 'https://tonybyker.bandcamp.com..../album/heliocult-vi-
Check it out !

No more dreams of galaxies
Or black hole singularities
No more dreams of gravity
Anothers aim anothers game
Anothers fall anothers fame
Anothers lies anothers truth
Anothers doubt anothers proof
Anothers pride anothers shame
Anothers loss anothers gain
Anothers joined anothers torn
Anothers dead anothers born
Copernicus what a mess stealing Brahes secrets
Twisting them to suit the needs of Emporers and Jesuits
Newton had an idea from the orbits in his head
Then there were a thousand more waiting to be led
Le Maitre’s mind was always blind as Jesuits got him working
Crazy thoughts of one big bang, the universe exploding
Time to let it go
Another’s lies anothers truth
Another’s doubt anothers proof
Another’s dark anothers light
Another’s blind anothers sight
Another’s less anothers more
Another’s wall anothers door
Another’s fiction anothers fact
Another’s real anothers act
Einstein had an idea from the confusion of his knowledge
Then there were a billion more pushing that to advantage
Time to let it go
I never knew that we’d grow old
I never thought we’ d make it this far but here we are
There’s just no way to shake it
Still so much to unlearn
So much more out there is waiting
The secrets of this life and just where we’re headed

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